Petty Troubles

Got a little something in your life that isn’t perfect? Think you have problems? Consider:

Your job is a pain. Do you realize how many living right here in Acadiana would love to have a job, any job?

Your spouse is a pain. Do you realize how many would give anything to hold their spouse of decades just one more time?

Your kids are a pain.  I’m just one person you know who has lost a child. Just shut up.

Don’t know what to have for supper.  Millions won’t be eating tonight and haven’t had much to eat all day.

Concerned this is no longer a Christian nation.  Chances are you won’t be killed for your faith today. Not everyone is so lucky. The murder of Christians is now epidemic in many countries.  Besides if you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Those fall allergies are kicking in. Do you have cancer? Is your life expectancy less than a year? Are you in the hospital?

Can’t seem to lose that excess weight? See “Don’t know what to have for supper” above.

The government is too liberal.  How many government benefits are you enjoying? 

The government is too conservative. How many poor folks are you helping?

Being a Christian is just too hard.  Most people will go to sleep tonight uncertain of where they will spend eternity.

I’m so bored. Read the above list again.

Have a nice weekend.




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