So Blessed

Last week I had the two-year checkup following my knee replacement. I have had absolutely no pain since the surgery. I had minimum rehab. Even my other knee which had bothered me before, hasn’t since. I am so blessed.

This afternoon I will be performing a marriage ceremony. This is an honor and a privilege. Thanks to Roger and Carla and to Pastor Jason. I am so blessed.

I am an ordained minister at my church and get frequent opportunities to serve. In September I will be sharing with our SALT group. I get to do this blog daily and in November I will once again get to go inside Angola and see God work. I am so blessed.

I have a wonderful family with many beautiful women, inside and out. I get to enjoy them with my fabulous grandson Nicky and my awesome grand-son-in-law, Tyler. I am so blessed.

In the Navy we moved over 30 times. Since coming to Lafayette I have lived in the some wonderful house out in the country. It’s been almost thirty years. When my mom first saw our house she called it a mansion. She was a bit over the top. But it’s a fact, I am so blessed.

A few months ago I learned I was losing my biggest client which I had served for many years. Since then I have picked up several new clients and learned of some great opportunities. The transition has been smooth and I look forward to the future. I am so blessed.

I don’t have to look around to realize the extent of my blessings, but it’s not a bad idea to do so. I see people trying to make it through life without Jesus. I can’t imagine that. I am so blessed.

I see people whose families aren’t a blessing, but a continual challenge, providing no support or encouragement. I am so blessed.

I see people in churches where they serve only as spectators with no opportunities to serve. I am so blessed.

I worship how and when I want. I see others whose lives are threatened if the chose to worship Jesus as Lord. I am so blessed.

How blessed are you? Count them. You may be blessed by what you discover.


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