The Curse of Uncertainty

NOTE: This posting was drafted on Saturday but due to technical difficulties (operator error) it was not posted until now)

I come to you this morning from Coffee Call in Baton Rouge. I have just polished off an order of beignets and I’m working on my cafe au lait with real sugar. It’s comfort food for I am suffering the curse of uncertainty. I didn’t leave the sleep center where I spent the night with the expected diagnosis of sleep apnea, curing breathing apparatus in hand, happy snore free wife in future. Instead, I am told maybe I have sleep apnea and maybe I don’t  Further analysis and possibly another night in the center is in my  future, in short, uncertainty.

I don’t like uncertainty. Certainty is the reason I am a “fundamentalist”  Christian. I am certain Jesus died for me. I am certain I will live with Him forever.  I am certain He is the only way. The certainty that gives me comfort makes the world miserable. Certainty is politically incorrect. Relative truth is in. The Bible as truth is out. My god is as good as your god, that’s in. The one true God, that’s out.

I’m  certain I’m no longer in the In Crowd. I’m certain that’s the way I like it.

Be certain and be blessed.


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