Things I Can’t Handle

I am concerned that too many of us are getting our theology from Facebook. It’s not the same as going to the original words of Scripture. For example, I am told that God will never give me more than I can handle. That’s just so wrong. God sends me lots of stuff I can’t handle. It’s not, I’m sure, that I’m a bad guy or that God doesn’t love me.

God allows bad stuff to afflict all those He loves. The goal is not that we be independent, but that we be God dependent. We were not created to handle stuff. We were created to rely on God. I am convinced that’s why it’s so tough for rich guys to make it. It’s why Donald Trump has never seen the need to seek forgiveness. He thinks he has enough money to handle anything. If, God forbid, he becomes president it might be fun to watch him try to handle a country buried in debt.

I face things every day that I can’t handle on my own. I marvel at those who think they are “handling” things on their own. If you are in doubt spend some time in the pages of the “Old” testament. Watch as Israel, God’s favored people, repeatedly try to “handle” things on their own. See them beg for a King. Watch them build idols and then try to worship them. Join them as they go into exile in Babylon. How’s that “handling things on your own” working out for you?

Maybe we should limit Facebook to recipes, videos of cats and political frustration and trust the Word for the Word.

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