Totally Out of Touch

I just reviewed yesterday’s election results. No one I voted for won. It seems I am totally out of touch with political reality. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I think I’m going to go with good thing.

I guess there are a lot of good reasons I might be out of touch with the electorate. I’m sixty-six years old and most voters are younger than that. I vote on what I perceive are character traits of honesty and fair dealing. The current voter seems to buy into negative political advertising. I can’t help but notice the dirtier campaigns seem to have generally prevailed. Most of the winners seemed to have promised the same things we are always promised with no plan to pay for or accomplish the promised goodies.

I think the real reason, however, is that my head and heart just aren’t in this place any more. I have long given up on the political system to advance us as a society or to protect us as individuals. I really see all battles as primarily spiritual and beyond the understanding of politicians or the power of government.

The really bad news is that there are lots of run offs so the political ads and mudslinger will continue.

I do encourage followers to vote intelligently and to be involved in government. Just don’t be foolish enough to look to politics or politicians for truth or real solutions. Those are available only from the King of Kings.

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