What’s the Big Deal about Christmas?

Christmas is a big deal. It is strange how big a deal we make of it. Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead, but that was years later.  At his birth, he just lies there, doing nothing. He is a baby. That’s the big deal.  Jesus did it all during His life. He saved us. But in this season, we don’t even get to that, the marvel of all He did.  We stop and marvel at who He is. 

And He is the eternal Son of God, who took on our human nature in order to save us.  “Come, let us adore him.” “What child is this?” All we can do is kneel in awe, then celebrate, gather with loved ones, and exchange gifts and gratefulness.

We will have plenty of time to marvel at what He did.  For now, let’s just marvel at who He is.  That’s a really big deal. 

Have a blessed Christmas. 


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