What’s Your Story?

Satan is the great enemy of God and his people, and one of his enduring tactics to disrupt the church and to hinder our witness to the world by fostering disunity. He does it by eroding the love between brothers and sisters in Christ.

Satan is actively working in every church right now to drive a wedge  between the people there.  He will split churches into factions by first making those Christians find reasons not to love one another, not to bear with one another in love.
We need to be aware of Satan’s tactics, but we don’t need to be afraid.  People in the local church are bound together.  We all chained together in unity through Christ, through what he has done in each of us.

The problem is that we don’t recognize the commonality of our experience with the Lord. Most of us know very little about how Christ has worked in the life of the christian who sits next to us in church. I would like to see us do something about that. 

I would like to do a series of interview with fellow Christians. I want to hear everyone’s story about what Christ has meant in their lives. If you would be willing to sit down with me and discuss Jesus, I would love to do that and record it so I could share the highlights with others who need to hear your story.

Please drop me a note  at nsigur@gmail.com so we can get together and record the good news in your life. Sharing our story is Jesus’ plan to spread the gospel. Let’s get to it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Be blessed.


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