Words to Speak

Give me Words to speak
Don’t let my Spirit sleep
Cause I can’t think of anything worth saying
But I know that I owe You my life
So give me Words to speak. Aaron Shust

I have recently been writing for Covenant Spotlight.  It’s been a learning experience. I have picked up new terms like “word count” and “byline” and “pull quote.” I have had to reduce what I have to say to a few words. That means making every word count. Like Chief Joseph, I have learned that it does not require many words to speak the truth.

As an attorney, I had long ago learned that a long and rambling argument usually was an attempt to hide a bad case. Using Twitter, we are limited to a 140 characters. It’s a good exercise in being precise.

If we pay attention in daily conversation, we learn the value of a few words. After hearing  a couple of sentences, our eyes start to glaze over, our attention wonders and we begin to plot what we will say or how we can shut the speaker up.

Words are a valuable resource. Our chance to influence and change lives is limited. Our words need to be short, sweet, and spirit inspired.  Think I’ll shut up.

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